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D.D.S. Edeza

Hello I am

D.D.S. Jose Luis Edeza Navarrete

Hello I am D.D.S. JOSE LUIS EDEZA NAVARRETE originally from Culiacán, Sinaloa, Mexico.

I chose this profession because I always been linked to the health area in my family. We are 2 Dentists and 1 Pediatrician. I love to interact with my patients. It is satisfactory to me knowing that I can help them solve their dental issues and sometimes medical health.

I think what motivates me to continue in this profession is to know that patients love my job. Which forces me to grow professionally in other specialized areas to give the best treatment in each dental procedure.

I think that what makes me unique as a professional is the humble and human way I have with each patient. No matter the economic or social class, when a patient enters my clinic I have a personal commitment with them, to achieve the best possible result in an honest and responsible manner. One hundred percent of my patients are completely satisfied with the final work. Thanks to this, we are quite recommended.

My purpose in my professional life is to be the best dentist in the area and improve quality life of others.

My hobby is baseball, is the sport of my life, I enjoy to watch it and play it very often. I love to spend time with my childs, they are my world.

I like to mention a curious fact about myself, I speak 4 languages: Spanish, English, Italian and French.

I strongly recommended you to come visit any of our two clinics. My professional team and I can provide you with high quality dental treatment and improve the appearance of your smile in a pleasant environment and first world facilities. But the best, with low prices. Hope to see you soon.

Your dentist of trust.

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