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D.D.S. Arely

Hello I am

D.D.S. Arely Silvestre Navarro

Hello, I am D.D.S. Arely Silvestre Navarro born and raised in Mexicali, Baja California.

I chose this profession to help people to have confidence when smiling, it is a very noble and beautiful profession which I don't regret choosing.

It's motivating to see the final results of the treatments that I perform. For me it is important to make patients feel comfortable, relaxed and known what we are doing creating confidence and tranquility.

We work every day so that the patients are satisfied, I always do my best, it is my job to create total satisfaction for our patients.

My purpose is to work with the most current Dentistry, to use the best materials and to modernize the facilities to provide the best service.

For me, spending time with my family is very important, personally, I like to learn new things and always stay in some physical activity.

For me it's very important to spend time with my family, learn new things and stay in good physical shape. That's why it's important to go to a dental consultation at least every six months and remember "A happy face is the best face you can show the world so never forget to smile".

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